When we knowingly engage with a system, be it social or technical, natural or artificial, virtual or physical, we usually gain knowledge about it, by first observing and later by manipulating it. In those created by human beings, we often find a raison d’être articulated as function or usability. We are designers of systems. Hacks and Hoaxes proposes to observe, learn, negotiate and intervene within different systems in order to question their structures, explore their thresholds, and expose their agencies.

With 12 Contributions by:
Luiz Zanotello: The New Velocity
The New Velocity plots the phantom Sandy Island in digital means. By reproducing the same turbulent physical conditions upon which the island was seen in 1876, it seeks to reinsert the charting glitch that endured in worldwide maps until 2012. The newly plotted data supports the further existence of the island, by manipulating its digital presence.
Lukas Leck: OWRBUG
This bug works the other way round. Record a message, load the file onto the SD-card and inject the bug into the speakercables of your aimed audio system.
Dennis Siegel: Cat Exploit
Cat Exploit is an open source project focussed on creating some sort of independent and free WiFi network for everyone provided by cats (so-called Server Entities) and related species like the fox or raccoon carrying a minified version of a wardriving-server. While straying through streets and backyards of the urban area, they tap into open and secured WiFi networks in order to repeat the signal through nearby Server Entities. Fed and trained by the community to walk along paths with high network density, additional server functionalities like a forum and download manager can be used to share files and information anonymously.
Mariana Basso: Plastic Bridges
Plastic Bridges is a scientific study headed by the fictitious explorer Lara Eldjárn. Diving through the Mediterranean Sea, she discovers interesting geological changes due to the huge accumulation of plastic debris in the sea. Together with material investigations, she describes a period where these findings will evolve into islands between continents in a near future. Sharing Lara's blog with her supposed investigations, this hoax raises socio-political questions of environmental changes and sparks discussions and possibilities of how real or utopic this story would be.
Mathias Lam: Placebofied-Self
Placebofied-Self is a series of hacked products which cause a placebo effect in its users. By manipulating results of different tracking devices ( such as a scale, a step counter or a running app ) the user will either be contented or pushed to achieve better results.
Niklas Brandt: revonokto - dream generator
Control your dreams with revonokto dream generator! It exposes its users to a modulated light stimulation field. The effect is the result of the brain amplifying neural noise in order to look for the missing visual signals, it is interpreted in the higher visual cortex, and enables hallucinations and body sensations. Feed the complex algorithm and select emotional ( Relax, Creative, ... ) and medical effects ( Headaches, Stress, ... ) to individualize your personal dream hack. Then go to bed and place your phone on your closed eyelids. Explore altered states of dreaming and deep consciousness. You simply have to experience it to verify its potential and see for yourself.
Niklas Barning + Fabian Wolfram: T.M.P.N. - Temporary Managed People Network
T.M.P.N. ist ein Tool für die Förderung von gruppenorientierten zwischenmenschlichen Interaktionen. Still und Heimlich wird das Projekt gestartet und unter die Leute gebracht. Die User können sich nun mit dem Freien Pseudo Wifi verbinden. Jeder der sich über sein mobiles Endgerät einloggt erhält Instruktionen für ein einmaliges kommunikativ geprägtes Gruppenerlebnis. Die User sind nun auf sich selbst gestellt und erhalten verschiedene Aufgaben und Anweisungen, die sie gemeinsam als Ganzes erledigen müssen.
Philipp Wienes: THE HINTERNET
THE HINTERNET schafft, durch für den Benutzer zufällig erscheinende, subtile oder offensichtliche Veränderungen des gewohnten Webs, Momente zwischen Neugier und Verwirrung. Brüche in der alltäglichen Logik des immer gleichen Informationsstroms.
Manasse Pinsuwan + René Henrich: Kickstarting a new Kickstarter on Kickstarter
Launced in 2009, Kickstarter fundamentally changed the way we think about financial funding of creative projects by enabling creators to post project ideas to their site and receive funding from the Kickstarter community. We launched a very special project idea on Kickstarter: UP NEXT - A website that will fundamentally change the way we think about financial funding of creative projects by enabling creators to post project ideas to their site and receive funding from the UP NEXT community.
Anand Angarag: RS.AS ( Reproduction System / Anthropology Symbiogenesis )
Ein Wandobjekt ( 2 m hoch, 1 m breit, 16 cm tief ) mit Grafik und noch ein Podest mit Broschüren ausgelegt
Antonio Palacios: Maria Reiche Forschungsverein
The main goal of this hoax is to trick media and general audience into thinking that new archaeological objects were found in Peru. A previous project entitled Politically Incorrect Artefacts, where speculative objects from a dystopian future where produced, will serve as a foundation for this deception. In this process of trickery the products elaborated beforehand will appear as forgery whereas the pottery pieces ( also fake ) will become genuine handicraft due to the fact they appear in Maria Reiche's association website ( which happens to be also a mirage. ) By using channels such as websites, blogs, and social platforms the gullibility of media will be tested.
Dennis Hoffmann + Yannik Westphal: VR Refugees
Viele Menschen fliehen vor Krieg und Verfolgung nach Deutschland. Hier angekommen stoßen sie auf Ausgrenzung, Rassismus und Hilflosigkeit. Die Lebensumstände in den Flüchtlingsunterkünften sind teilweise unzumutbar. VR Refugees hat die Lösung, um die Lebensqualität von Flüchtenden zu verbessern. Mit Hilfe von Virtual Reality Technologie erhält jeder Flüchtende die Möglichkeit, seine eigene Realität zu konstruieren und sich eine individuelle ideale Umgebung zu erschaffen. Wir fordern Virtual Reality für jeden Flüchtenden! vrrefugees.lima-city.de
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